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As part of her commitment to her community, Dr. Shimada often gives vision presentations to local schools.

Here are some comments from students about Dr. Shimada:

Mrs. Weidder, grade 5 / Sierra Vista Elementary, La Habra


Dr. Shimada

When my eye hurts

I know who to call

Hey! An optometrist

greatest of them all

She asks me, “what hurts?”

“What part of the eye?”

She figures out how

Then what I need and why

She gives me some glasses

I try ones to fit

This optometsit

Is a Miss fix-it

I take the color test

Then give my eyes a test

the optometrist

Is certainly the best

Who is this person

who checks eyes

An expert optometrist

Dr. Lisa Shimada

By: Mackenzie M., age 11


Dr. Shimada

Beautiful, Wonderful

Checking, Helping, Enjoying

Glasses, Contacts, Eyes, Lens

Dr. Shimada is So, COOL!

By: Kalyn V.


I learn a lot from you.

I appreciate your time.

I respect what you do,

So for you I’m making a rhyme.

You’ve taught me so many times.

Though I still seem to forget.

About the iris, retina, and cornea

And there’s still a few more yet.

I never learn much here.

But still I love to go.

You’re kind to teachers so when you ask,

They can never just say, “No!”

By: Kari S., age 10


Dr. Shimada

Nice, Fun

Caring, Helping, Eying

Office, Eye doctor, Optometrist, glasses

Dr. Shimada is a good eye doctor

By: Dominic W.


(and Dr. Shimada’s personal favorite. . .)

Dr. Shimada

Looking, cleaning, helping

Cooks, visits, checks

Smart, Helpful


By: Nicolas S.


Mrs. Esparza, Grade 5 / Sierra Vista Elementary, La Habra:

Hi Dr. Shimada,

I liked going to your office. That is where I go to get my glasses, so I already knew what it was like. I still had a great time. I liked to put on those 3D glasses and see which things stand out a lot. I will see you soon.



Dressed well







A responsible person

Definitely pretty

A doctor that cares about people

– Nidia


Dr. Shimada,

I liked going to your office. It was a long walk, but I still had fun. I liked that we got to have pizza and soda when we got there. I did the homework packet that you gave us. I learned a lot from you. Thank you for being so caring.



Eye doctors are great

They teach us important things

You are a great one

By: Daniel


Dear Dr. Shimada,

I had such a great time in your office. I laughed really hard when we all got to try on the big thick glasses. I really liked looking in someone else’s eye. It was very interesting. If I ever need to get glasses, I am going to ask my mom to take me to your office.

Thank you, Jasmine


Dr. Shimada

Really cool


So nice

Happy person

Incredibly smart




An eye doctor

– Roxana


Dr. Shimada,

Going to your office was so cool. We learned many new things. We really liked playing the game that was like a video game. We can’t remember what it tested for, but it was fun! Thank you for lunch!

Shane and Ysai


Dr. Shimada

Smart, Wonderful

Heeling, Helping, Looking, Working

Happy, Excited, Glad


By: Evelin


Dr. Shimada.

I liked going to your office. I was glad that I got to sit in the chair and everyone got to look inside my eyes. It was kind of weird to have everyone to close to my face, but I still liked it. Right now I don’t wear glasses, but if I ever have to, I hope that you are my optometrist.

Thank you, Amber


Daring to help

Really nice


Smart and Skillful

Hard at work


My favorite eye specialist

Active at work

Daring to be cool

A very cool eye doctor



Dr. Shimada,

I had a great time at your office. Thank you for being so nice and explaining everything to us. You must be really smart. I wonder how long you had to go to school. I bet it was a long time.



Great optometrist

That is what I think you are

Helping many kids

By: Eduardo